Artist assistance
You have artists that do need personal assistance and care?
And/or which also need a translator?

Then just get in contact with me, for your success!
It just so much better for any show and the responsable producer/manager
when the artists feel good and well taken care of!
I take over the complete artist care and assistance and if needed I also do
the make-up and look after their costumes.
Of course I have all the needed equipment with me!
Hair-dryer, shoe-polish, plasters, aspirins, sewing kit,...there is a lot of stuff that is 
sometimes urgently needed backstage and I know and have it all!
Beeing an artist myself it is very easy for me to feel and know what the artists need
and to keep easy and competent also in difficult and stressful situations.
My huge experiences and acquired know-how at all kind of events help me to
find quick solutions to all kind of unforseeable problems.

Personal assistant of "The Diva" Natalie Choquette & partner from Montréal/Québec
during the event-series "Circus meets Classic" of "Circus Roncalli" in Dortmund, Germany