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ART & BODY presents:

Face- & body-painting for real fans and players!

The perfect, interactive live-entertainment
for all kind of football-events!

Areas: public viewings, stadium-animation before
the game, photos-shootings, PR-campaigns,...

I am looking forward to paint for your club & fans!



ART & BALANCE presents:
New stilts-duo: "Baroque"

This extravagant stilts-duo enriches any
event in castles, old towns, parks and gardens.

Impressive from a distance they are
wonderful eye-catchers. They greet the guests in
a very classy and charming way.

They love to take a walk and to interact and
communicate with the visitors.

They are also delighted if they can pose for
unique souvenir-pictures!

When are you inviting this outstanding
and beautiful baroque-duo on stilts?


ART & BALANCE presents:
New show-act "Circus-horse Goldie"

This funny horse-dressage-act is inspired from
a very old circus slapstick-act. Long ago I wanted
to restage this act - with great success!
Children as much as their parents really enjoy
"Goldie" together with the grandiose tamer.
Info: one of our aims of the "DreamCircus" is to
produce and show forgotten circus-acts in order to
preserve the tradition and soul of the "real" circus!

ART & BALANCE presents:
Kids-entertainment "Circus"!

This year we created a new kids-entertainment
concept by combining circus-workshops with shows in the "DreamCircus".
The new circus-stars and professional circus-artists
create shows that enthusiasts everybody!

An interactive, lively entertainment-concept
for shopping-centers, family-days,
holiday-activities and many more. 
To book from 1 day to 2 weeks!

Get awesome impressions on the new
picture-gallery "Circus-workshops"!