Make-up artist & dresser
I also love to work backstage!

Especially as make-up artist, costume designer and dresser.

For artists, actors, theatre- and dance-companies, bands, service-people and staff.

Your event/show has a special theme or motto which is needed to be transformed
into make-up & costumes?
Your actors need a workshop to learn how to realize their make-up themselves?
You are looking for the right person backstage to put your make-up and/or costume ideas into practice in a creative, fast and professional way?
You need ideas for make-up and/or costumes or you wish for advice?
In all these cases I would enjoy to be your partner!

I come to work with all the necessary make-up- and sewing kit-equipment including
hair-dryer, shoe-polish, iron, aspirins and what else is sometimes urgently needed.