Stilts-theater "Dreams On Stilts"

The stilts-theater of ART & BALANCE is really great and outstanding!
The fanciful and unique stilts-figures are true highlights at any event.

People from and all over the world love their overwhelming beauty and grace.
They visualize, express and celebrate fantasy and charm united with artistic skill.

ART & BALANCE transforms inner pictures of our soul into huge, fairy-tale like,
mystical stilts-figures. They attract a great deal of attention and give wonderful
moments of joy which are positively remembered for a long time.
They appear as walk-acts as well as with shows and performances.
They also love to interact with the audience.

All costumes get made in the own costume studio where we also produce custom-made
costumes and outfits for singular events, promotion-activities and happenings.
I am looking forward to your request!

All stilts-figures can be wonderfully combined with many other attractions
of ART & BALANCE like "Fantasy Make-Up", "Funny Balloons",
"Clowning" and the extraordinary and amusing "Walk-Acts".

Info: already by booking two different attractions of ART & BALANCE you get
a special package-price!

Show- and performing conditions:

Height: minimum 2,80 meters
Performing times: variable to your needs and wishes
Costume change: 1 costume change per artist with no additional charge
Dressing room: at ground level or with elevator nearby, close to the performing
area with table, chairs and soft drinks
Parking: welcome nearby to the dressing room