Circus-workshops & join-in circus-shows
Evokes the joy of living!
Circus-workshops & join-in circus-shows are the perfect complement to the DreamCircus.

They inspire and boost each other in their action and value:
after the grand finale of the DreamCircus-show young and old can immediately go over to the
circus-workshop rink and try their acrobatic skills under guidance of professional trainers
and artists. And when the next DreamCircus-shows begins they can see and enjoy in perfection what they have just tested themselves - a circular flow of creativity and fun all day long!

We also like to integrate talented kids into one of the DreamCircus-shows or to put
an entire join-in circus-show together. With the DreamCircus they have the chance to show
what they have learned and trained in the circus-workshops to a captivated audience.

The DreamCircus-concept is really a well-rounded affair:
We create a fanciful, lively and positive atmosphere - the unique DreamCircus-world -
which celebrates and breathes the joy of creativity, collective action and performance.

You can try and train:

- Juggling with balls & clubs
- Tightrope walking
- Rola-Bola
- Plate-juggling
- Diabolos
- Hula-hoop
- Ball-balancing
- Acrobatics
- Partner-acrobatics

On special request:

- Trapeze and foulard with the DreamTrapeze
- Circus-workshops of one week duration with final join-in circusshow