Promotion-activities concept

Walkacts, actors & artists

Concepts & plots
ART & BALANCE lines-up outstanding and interesting promotion-activities for all kind of
promotion-activities such as road-shows, kick-off events, product presentations, fairs, openings, sales deals and jubilees.

The promotion-activities of ART & BALANCE pique people's curiosity, feeling and interest in your brand and products in a charming, exceptional and highly entertaining way.
They make sure that your clients and guests remember your promotion-campaign very positively.

The promotion-actions of ART & BALANCE are just perfect to hand out flyers and give-aways -
people love and enjoy to get something from us!

The clou is that we really commit ourselves to your label, products and your business.
ART & BALNCE does not offer standard and common actions but unique and inventive
promotion-entertainment, for your success!

Clearly arranged you find here the promotion-activities itemized in stilts-walkers, body-painting
and walkacts. Of course we can combine them or include a matching show-act.
We also produce complete promotion-shows!
There are many possibilities - let's talk about it. I am looking forward to your request!

Stilts-figures                                                  Body-painting