"A fantastic circus-day for young and old!"


Circus workshops & join-in circus-shows
"Circus" is the best motto and theme for events that aim to entertain likewise young and old and who want to have a lively, colourful and cheerful atmosphere at their event all day long.
Circus-days- and programs can be realized in- and outdoor!
"Circus" speaks a language that everybody understands and means: we are family!
"Circus" gets all people to celebrate and enjoy together a fabulous, unique day!
"Circus" creates wonderful collective memories which are so important to cultivate, cherish and
to back up contacts and relationships. "Circus" is a happy feast of creativity & playfulness!

You can choose various attractions and shows for your individual "Circus"-day:

> DreamCircus - artistic variety-shows
> DreamTrapeze - arial-shows 
> Circus-workshops & join-in circus-shows
> Fantasy face-painting in the golden make-up pavilion
> Stilts walkacts - many gorgeous costumes at your choice
> Vendor's tray-walkact "circus-girl" - sweet give-aways
> Comedy walkacts - clown, magician & harlequin
> Top-class show-acts & very amusing comedy/slapstick-acts

Please get in touch to ask for your special "Circus"-program!

DreamCircus circus-shows

DreamTrapeze arial-shows