Particular People
"Particular entertainment for particular people!"
Fantasy face-painting
Circus workshops & join-in circus-shows
Sick, handicaped and disadvantaged people and their families are also longing for fanciful and funny
entertainment. Often they are not able to participate in public entertaiment-events.
But it is also very important for them to enjoy experiences which stimulate all their senses and
make them forget their daily routine.
ART & BALANCE offers exactly this kind of entertainment-programs:
Sensitive fantasy make-up, drolly affectionate clowning with funny balloons, wonderful
show- and walkacts give them beautiful, unforgettable and happy moments!
Together with real artists and specially trained circus-teachers we offer 
circus-workshops & join-in circus-shows with a great show involving everybody in the end!
A fantastic group-experience - circus means integration and "we are family"!
I would love to arrange together with you a whole circus-day of fantasy!

We also perform in hospitals, hospices, schools, old-age homes & special care homes -
we can do something beautiful, inspiring and entertaining everywhere!

Clowning & funny balloons
Circus-workshops & all-age circus-shows